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Web Hosting for business, institutional and professional purposes.

Internet hosting with service management included.

Pulsaris Web Hosting solutions are always characterized by the simplicity and proportionality with which they are designed. To ensure this purpose, we have defined several Internet hosting plans that adapt to different formats of presence on the Web and also to different scenarios of future scalability of your resources on the server.

The most popular presence formats - such as those in the corporate, professional or institutional segment - are ensured by five distinct Hosting formats that in their totality and breadth are virtually geared towards any type of economic activity.*

* Our "five distinct formats" of Hosting are the two versions Essential, the two versions SME, the Advance Solutions, the Professional Email solutions and the Web Presence solutions called Cartão de Negócio® / Blipcard®.

Get a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Managed Web Hosting plans are available from €12.50 per month and in the most basic versions they include integrated management of resources that are directly allocated to the hosting solution. Compared to competing solutions, this distinct feature is, in itself, the right option for clients looking to ensure the sustainability of their projects and optimize a large part of their investment in this type of services and technological infrastructures.

Alternative solutions with different scales.

Furthermore, in addition to the usual formats, we offer our customers Internet presence and professional email solutions that start at €3.99/month and corporate solutions for projects of advanced complexity and highly scalable scenarios. The "high-complexity" corporate scenarios are provided in "Advance Solutions" format, which are present and normally associated with projects with high highly expressive budgets.

Smooth management of server resources.

All resources are managed by Pulsaris in strict cooperation with its service providers. Maintenance and configuration operations are carried out without direct intervention from our customers, which is a factor of added peace of mind for those who want an autonomous solution from employees and the management bodies of their company or institution.

Domain and DNS settings management.

We easily integrate the Internet domains of customers who have them subscribed through Pulsaris. Furthermore, DNS configurations have no additional cost in our Essential, SME and Business Card versions.

* The remaining solutions use 360° Internet Services for DNS management.

Simplified installation and configuration.

Our clients' Web Design solutions are integrated with relative ease* into our Managed Web Hosting service. Furthermore, if the Web Design solution is from Pulsaris, the integration is carried out free of charge with the offer of Internet hosting for a period between six and twelve months.

* The migration of websites that come from competing solutions is subject to a case-by-case assessment that includes the nature of the database, the website's security flaws and deficient programming methods, among other technical parameters. The evaluation may imply the refusal of accommodation on the servers assigned to us.

Web Hosting Solutions

Managed Hosting for professional, corporate and institutional clients.

No commitment to stay at Pulsaris.

Essential and SME Internet Hosting solutions do not oblige our customers to any minimum period of stay. For this purpose, we present three subscription cycles where the customer can decide how often their plan is renewed with Pulsaris. With the option of a quarterly, semi-annual or annual cycle, our customers can cancel their service at any time and according to their preference.*

* A "prior notification of cancellation" must be registered by email within 10 working days (Essential version), 20 working days (SME version) or 15 working days (other formats) in advance so that the cancellation process runs smoothly.

Servers with high monthly availability.

The Internet servers of Essential and SME solutions have high monthly availability, with Advance Solutions having an increased redundancy factor with the possibility of using "geolocated" resources through CDN networks (Content Delivery Networks).

* The service availability fee (commonly known as "uptime") varies according to what is contracted between us, our customers and our suppliers. As a rule, this rate is above 99.50%, and there is room for compensation, in the form of a discount in the next renewal cycle, when this "uptime" value is not fully met. The calculation is made using a "pro rata" value of service downtime.

Web Hosting plans tailored to each client.

The plans are defined to obtain a high return on investment (ROI) and avoid wasting financial resources on hosting solutions. Pulsaris Managed Web Hosting plans start at €12.50/month, and in addition to these plans, we have an alternative Internet presence solution focused on micro-enterprises and self-employed professionals.

Cartão de Negócio® / Blipcard®

An alternative solution for micro-businesses and self-employed professionals that is available from €0.00/month in individual format or from €3.99/month in Web Hosting format with the inclusion of an Internet domain and two accounts individual simplified email addresses.

Essential information just a few seconds away.

Blipcard® (or Cartão de Negócio® for users who speak Portuguese) is a business card hosting service in electronic format with interactive and advanced compatibility.

Provided by Pulsaris since 2010, the solution makes it possible to overcome many of the limitations of cards printed on paper or plastic.

Find out everything at www.cartao.eu or www.blipcard.eu.