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Website development

All of our customers find our solutions a solid option for a consistent and successful presence on the Internet. Pulsaris Web Design solutions stand out from the competition for their reduced complexity in the development process and for the simplified management of all resources after launching a website.

Different solutions for different economic activities

We have been present in Portugal since 2008 and we have the necessary experience to present the right solution for your company or professional activity. Therefore, we have six different solutions that adapt to practically all existing segments in national and international markets.

Pulsaris both presents its customers with solutions aimed at the micro-business segment and also provides options for the development of more complex solutions aimed at multinational companies or institutions with international representation. The breadth of our offers also includes the intermediate segment of companies with an SME dimension, exporting companies and entities with regional expression, for example.

Adaptive Format Web Design

Website programming is mainly carried out using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. When necessary, we also use PHP and SQL language to incorporate additional functionalities, as for example, in the case of the HTML Connect'18 solution, which allows the autonomous management of contents by the users assigned to the client.

All websites we develop are compatible with adaptive format Web Design. This development method is commonly known as "Responsive Web Design" and allows the entire page design to constantly adapt to the format and resolution of the website visitors' screens.

Easy integration with any of our services

Given that the development period is a variable time process, Pulsaris offers a set of hosting, domain registration and simplified email services for a maximum period of three months (in addition to the offers contemplated in its Web solution design). Thus, if this is your first website, you will be guaranteed that your presence on the Internet will "branch", right from the start, with your customers and partners.

In addition, we immediately ensure a presence page with the Domain Connect micro-solution for our Cartão de Negócio® and Blipcard® services. The development process is completed with the online launch of your website, and at this stage the customer will have access to the set of offers included in your solution. When the Web Design solution includes Internet hosting services, integration is completely free and does not require any interaction on the part of the client or their respective assistants.

We have two split payment solutions

Pulsaris offers two split payment solutions for the Portuguese micro-enterprise and SME segment. The two intermediate solutions - "Easy Presence" and "Portugal Online" - make it possible to split the payment of part of the total value of the solution over a period of twelve consecutive months. All this with a special set of offers that offer added value for your company during this same period of stay.

Advantages of our other traditional solutions

In the other solutions you can also find a set of immediate and long-term advantages that allow us to meet the expectations of our customers. To achieve these objectives, each solution is defined with special characteristics adapted to the scope of the project, its spectrum and scope of focus. You can thus choose from four options that have been predefined to adapt to three different scales, which may or may not complement each other.

For example, the "HTML Connect'18" and "Easy HTML5" solutions allow medium-sized clients to ensure a successful presence with a corporate website that presents up-to-date information to their customers with the regular publication of content of a business and financial nature.

In the HTML Connect '18 version, employees assigned to the client can even autonomously manage content defined by the management bodies of their companies or institutions. In the Easy HTML5 version, management is carried out exclusively by Pulsaris, with the absolute guarantee that any update is perfectly integrated with your website.

As a complement or alternative, we also present and develop the Cartão de Negócio® and Blipcard® solution for the Portuguese and European micro-business sector. These multilingual products provide immediate advantages for this segment and even make it possible to incorporate the cards into our customers' solutions, even with a larger structure and composition.

Solutions for large-scale website integration

Large customers can integrate their websites with "Solutions Advance", a highly customized solution that integrates them in a multinational context with the network of Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon Web Services®. The high level of personalization, at this scale, ensures multinational customers simplified access to state-of-the-art servers that, when integrated with their websites, allow serving millions of monthly visitors with relative ease. In this solution you will find Internet equipment capable of processing information on a large-scale and with levels of performance and optimization that are a world reference in the universe of large technologies.

Programming and development fees

Our rates are applied based on the number of hours spent preparing and developing your project. The hours are used in tasks as diverse as, for example, manual programming of the main structure of your website or the graphics and design of the visual elements that will characterize your new space on the Internet.

The development process is thus counted according to the minutes used, which are divided into multiples of 20 minutes or 30 minutes, using criteria similar to those used in 360° Internet Services. Our more complex Web Design solutions include, by default, a set of predefined starting hours* with a lower hourly rate than those shown in minute packages purchased individually or separately.

* Set of starting hours: 120 hours (7200 minutes) for "Easy HTML5", "Easy Presence" and "Portugal Online"; 150 hours (9000 minutes) for "HTML Connect '18"; not applicable to "Blipcard" and "Advance Solutions".

What if there are missing or spare Web Design minutes?

When these are not fully used, the remaining number of minutes can be migrated to your current plafond of "Internet Services 360°". Conversely, if during the development process these same minutes prove to be insufficient for the typology or complexity of your project, you can purchase and add minutes separately according to the table in force at the time for these minutes.

Don't worry, as in any project, the amount of time needed to complete the website is discussed regularly during meetings and is usually definitively established at the beginning, without any change or increase in the minutes needed for completion during the course of the project. If you have any questions, you can always consult us at any time through your assistant, Customer Service or the Customer Ombudsman.

Solutions with 120 hours of development

Our traditional options with distinct advantages and different payment methods.

Micro, medium and large-scale solutions

Options with the greatest scope and with an increased factor of autonomy, innovation and integration.