360° Internet Services

360° Internet Services

The uncomplicated Internet at your fingertips. Management and maintenance of Internet services for companies and professionals.

Management of Internet services and other associated tasks.*

360° Internet Services are a practical solution that allows our customers to delegate a virtually unlimited set of tasks that are directly related to the maintenance and/or management of services and solutions available on the Internet.*

Simplified task accounting.

Tasks can be quantified individually or through the use of existing minutes in packages of hours pre-purchased by our customers (the hosting solutions - in 360° format - allow the use of a monthly ceiling of 120 minutes). With hourly packages, our customers have access to more advantageous conditions, with tasks quantified in fractions of 20 minutes for services provided by Pulsaris and in fractions of 30 minutes for services provided by external companies and/or competitors.

The value of operations is defined and evaluated according to the time spent executing a project or task defined by our client. The customer will be able to freely use the minutes available in their time packages (including their monthly accommodation allowance in 360° format). As an alternative to this minute system, the customer can make individual payments for the tasks or projects being carried out (in a "single hour" format).

* Minutes of 360° Internet Services can also be used in "Computer Assistance by Remote Access" services when there is an active subscription to our IT service.

360° Internet Services

Individual task accounting method.

First hour

30 minutes

60 minutes

accessibility Separate hour: 60 minutes

Second hour

90 minutes

120 minutes

accessibility Separate hour: fractions of 30 min.

Hours following

+30 minutes

+30 minutes

accessibility Separate hour: fractions of 30 min.

Internet Services for Businesses and Professionals

360° Services 360° Internet Services Reference tariff Amount Awarded points
bubble_chart Afterpaid query_builder Separate hour (first hour) accessibility €19.90 / hour accessibility €19.90 / hour 20 points
query_builder Separate hour (fractions of 30 minutes) accessibility €9.95 / 30 min. accessibility €9.95 / 30 min. 10 points
bubble_chart Prepaid bubble_chart 10 hour pack (600 minutes) accessibility €7.48 / 30 min. watch_later €149.50 (10 hours) 150 points
bubble_chart 25 hour pack (1500 minutes) accessibility€6.98 / 30 min. watch_later €348.75 (25 hours) 349 points
bubble_chart 50 hour pack (3000 minutes) accessibility €5.98 / 30 min. watch_later €597.50 (50 hours) 598 points
bubble_chart 100 hour pack (6000 minutes) accessibility €4.98 / 30 min. watch_later €995.00 (100 hours) 995 points

Last update of prices: 2023.07.29 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

¹ Accounting method (separate hours): separate hours ("individual task") are always charged in fractions of 30 minutes after the first hour of the operation in progress.

¹ Accounting method (hour packages): time packages are immediately charged in 20-minute or 30-minute increments (depending on the scope of the operation in progress).

²Requests: all orders placed over the phone must be confirmed by email to the following address: support@pulsaris.eu

³ Operation at your facilities: journeys are charged according to the tariff in force at the date of the intervention (€1.90 + €0.75/Km) and an additional amount of €19.90 + VAT per individual journey.