Computers for Companies and Professionals

Computer Acquisition

State-of-the-art computer technology at your fingertips.

Systems and IT equipment integrators.

The computers and equipment sold by Pulsaris are configured individually and according to a careful selection of electronic and IT components. Approval for the integration of any system is carried out by the IT department, after a detailed and individual analysis of the requests made by our customers.

Individual advice for purchasing equipment.

A professional will always be available to advise you in order to facilitate the correct choice of IT equipment for your company or organization. Our advisory service is available free of charge to customers whose purchase volume exceeds 1000 euros (plus VAT) in the previous twelve months. Our other customers have access to this service through the tariff applicable to our IT consultancy services.

* Budget document: free for customers with a purchase volume of more than 1000 euros (plus VAT) in the last 12 months; in other cases it costs €12.50 (plus VAT) per individual quote.

A long-term investment in your business.

In this market segment, Pulsaris' philosophy is not focused on reducing costs immediately, but rather on reducing technical incidents in the medium term and the longevity of the equipment that is sold. After three years, our customers typically see a significant increase in the profitability and productivity of their equipment.

Durability and construction quality.

Computer equipment is configured according to various construction quality and durability parameters. We select our suppliers based on their track record of reliability and the reputation they have established in this specific market. Our careful choice is reflected in the medium and long term with equipment exceeding its warranty terms with an average number of incidents close to zero.

Acquisition of hardware and equipment

Equipment for companies, professionals and organizations.

Computers - Pulsaris® PRO

The computers in the Pulsaris® PRO range are fully customizable and use highly durable and reliable components, selected from a restricted range of electronic component manufacturers.

Computers - Intel NUC®

Intel® workstations in NUC (Next Unit of Computing) version are a compact, highly energy-efficient solution suitable for different office configurations.

Systems and Network Management

Root definition of network systems for corporate and institutional customers together with electrical protection systems for all their IT infrastructure.

Equipment assembly and delivery times

The assembly of equipment follows delivery deadlines equal to the deadlines in "Computer Assistance in Laboratory". Our customers' workstations are previously configured with all the latest updates, and after delivery, the equipment is configured at our customers' facilities.*

Additional configurations carried out at the customer's premises are charged according to the On-site Computer Assistance table. Quick configurations (less than a period of 30 minutes) are not charged as a rule and as a courtesy to the customer.

Important notes:

* Once all components and software have been received from suppliers, the available rates and delivery times are 5 working days (Normal), 3 working days (Urgent) and 2 working days (Priority). To this is added the travel cost to deliver your IT material: local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km).

** In the current context of the pandemic, there may be constraints on stock(s) and/or some market fluctuations in physical products, physical components and IT equipment that enter our territory through importation and/or through movement of goods on the territory of the European Union.

Operating Systems

Workstations are shipped with Microsoft Windows® or Linux Ubuntu® installed, including all drivers and security updates for the respective operating systems.*

Servers are available in a specific licensing format that varies according to their functionalities, characteristics and processing capacity.

Mac® equipment is sold with the entire operating system and software pre-configured. The equipment is delivered sealed, as packaged by Apple®, and configuration of this equipment is only available at the customer's premises.

Important notes:

* Microsoft Windows 10 PRO®, Windows 11 PRO®, and Windows Server 2022® operating systems (separate purchase, licensing available in format OEM and Retail for any new equipment).

** Ubuntu® operating systems have no purchase cost and are available in versions "20.04 LTS" or "22.04 LTS" (LTS - Long Term Support). At the end of official support, during the years 2025 and 2027 respectively, the customer has the option of the Ubuntu Advantage® extended support program (provided by Canonical®).

10% discount on ESET Endpoint Security®

Subscribe to a new one or use your current Pulsaris Web Hosting solution to obtain special security solution subscription conditions.

In each renewal cycle of your hosting, we grant a total discount of 10% valid for new subscriptions or renewals ESET Endpoint Security® that are directly affected by our customers. Customers can use this 10% discount every renewal cycle of their hosting subscriptions, whether quarterly, semi-annual or annually.*

* The 10% discount cannot be accumulated between subscription cycles or with other promotions in force. The offer is not directly associated with ESET®, and the promotional subscription conditions are our entire and exclusive responsibility.

Work remotely and safely.

ESET® is the "European Union's number one endpoint security partner" and the solutions it develops comply with the protection principles and standards established by cybersecurity offices in several European countries.

We provide several ESET® protection solutions to our customers in subscription format. ESET has been on the market since 1992 and develops state-of-the-art software applications for the antivirus, firewall and encryption segments, among other business security segments.

Learn more here on our website or at

Systems Assembly and Configuration

Accounting method by individual equipment.

query_builder Delivery time - Normal


€39.90 per unit


up to 5 business days

poll Includes 250GB data migration.

query_builder Delivery time - Urgent


€49.90 per unit


up to 3 business days

poll Includes 250GB data migration.

query_builder Delivery time - Priority


€59.90 per unit


up to 2 business days

poll Includes 250GB data migration.

Systems Assembly and Configuration

Service Tariff per unit 1 Maximum delivery time Delivery (computers) 2 Data Migration Awarded points
Quotes assignment More than 1000 euros/year: free quote. accessibility Less than 1000 euros/year: €12.50 per individual quote (one or multiple computers). 3
terminal Normal Deadline terminal €39.90 / computer query_builder up to 5 business days. local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) poll 250GB (free) 40 points
terminal Urgent Deadline terminal €49.90 / computer query_builder up to 3 business days. local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) poll 250GB (free) 50 points
terminal Priority Deadline terminal €59.90 / computer query_builder up to 2 business days. local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) poll 250GB (free) 60 points
Volume of data poll Migration (up to 250GB of data): free (optional). track_changes Migration (greater than 250GB): applicable "computer data management" fees. 4
Important: accessibility Additional configurations, carried out at the customer's premises, are charged according to the On-site Computer Assistance tables.

Last update of prices: 2019.09.15 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

Availability: service available only to customers with facilities located in the Lisbon district; applicable terms of use.

1 Value defined by each individual computer (assembled according to the deadline for delivery).

2 The delivery of equipment(s) is charged according to the travel schedule in force; It is not allowed to collect equipment from our facilities.

3 Preparation of a free individual quote: available for customers with a purchase volume of services and products greater than €1000 + VAT (in the last 12 months). Accounting method: offer of two individual quotes for every €1000.00 of volume purchased for services and products; note: offer valid during the 12 months after the criterion that is presented in the accounting method.

4 The volume of data from data migration operations may increase the delivery time of the equipment(s) at the rate of half a working day for each additional block of 250 GB of data.