Systems - Intel NUC®

Intel NUC®

Intel NUC® - Next Unit Computing.

A generation of high efficiency equipment.

Pulsaris sells Intel® workstations in NUC (Next Unit of Computing) version since its first presentation year (in 2013). Intel® continues its continuous process of innovation into the 2020s by incorporating a host of innovations and cutting-edge computing technology into this efficient configuration form factor.

Computer equipment in desktop format has a set of technological features that bring several advantages to your business or organization. One is the efficient use of components expressed in the physical space occupied in its offices and another is the annual electrical consumption associated with these same equipment, combined with the high processing capacity of devices in NUC format.

The philosophy of Intel NUC® systems has been extended to portable computers, being available in laptop format with 11th and 12th generation. These systems are configurable with components similar to those of the desktop computer format, but in a mobility context.

Modular configuration and simplified technical assistance.

Intel® is directly responsible for the production of this equipment, which from the outset ensures the quality assurance of the largest processor manufacturer of the last 40 years.* With these innovative equipment you will be able to take a different approach to management of your company's or organization's computer park. The modular configuration allows a standardization of the component acquisition process and an interchangeable process of replacing these in the context of breakdown, updating or accounting depreciation.

* Intel® has been present in the market since 1968, being a distinguished leader and market forerunner in several processor production segments, among other innovation platforms and technology segments. Its products are the preferred choice of numerous system integrators, including Pulsaris.

Models - Intel® 13th Generation (Pro Edition)

Intel NUC 13 Pro - Desk Edition

Intel NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition Mini PCs and Kits are built to perform and to be seen, with their new design bringing modern style to any home or office environment. The compact systems feature a sophisticated silver aluminum housing with honeycomb vents and a textured white top with the Intel NUC logo printed for proud display on desks and shelves.

Intel NUC 13 Pro

Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PCs, Kits and Boards offer the combination of size, performance and reliability you need to conduct modern or traditional business.

It all starts with 13th generation that deliver exceptional performance in a 4x4 form factor, with up to 14 processor cores (6P+8E) and up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. Optional stock drives also come with Intel vPro® Enterprise, which provides comprehensive security, enterprise-grade stability, and hardware-based remote management.

Models - Intel® 13th Generation (Extreme / Compute Element)

Intel NUC 13 - Extreme

Intel NUC 13 Extreme modules feature Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5 unlocked from 13th generation at 125W — nearly double the base power of the previous generation — to create the most powerful Intel NUC ever.

Creative professionals can take advantage of new triple-slot 12-inch graphics cards, dual-channel DDR5 memory supporting speeds of 4800+ MHz, and Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6E - the first time these features are available in the Intel NUC Extreme form factor.

Intel NUC 13 - Compute Element

The Intel NUC 13 Compute Element module delivers the latest in performance, memory and Input/Output (I/O) for custom integrations that increase business productivity. As part of the modular Intel NUC Element family, the Intel NUC 13 Compute Element is easily upgradable and backwards compatible with Intel NUC Board and Pro/Rugged Chassis Elements that allow for "just-in-time" assemblies.

* It does not dispense with the prior consultation of an assistant and an official specification sheet.

Models - Intel® 12th Generation

Intel NUC Laptop Kit

12th generation processors are present in the new editions in portable computer format (Laptop Kit). The new generation is prepared for Windows 11 PRO®, being able to use all the resources of efficiency and performance of the architecture "Rooks County".

PRO X Edition & Extreme Kit Edition

Holders of the previously known architecture with the code name "Dragon Canyon", these are the desktop Intel NUC with 12th generation.

* The description presented on the twelfth-generation models is of an illustrative nature (it does not exempt the prior consultation of an assistant and the official specification sheet).

Models - Intel® 11th Generation

Editions - Performance, Pro e Enthusiast

Enjoy all the benefits of 11th generation processors with configuration kits in Performance, Pro and Enthusiast format. The devices are configurable with a 2.5-inch SATA disk (certain models) and fast storage in M.2 format (certain models).

M15 Laptop Kit & X15 Laptop Kit

The M15 edition and X15 edition laptops feature a configuration with 11th generation processors. These kits feature variable configurations, with the X15 edition having a dedicated graphics card from NVIDIA® (model GeForce RTX3060®).

* The detailed information of the models described above is merely illustrative; does not dispense with the prior consultation of an assistant and an official specification sheet.

Models - Intel® 10th Generation

NUC 10 Performance - M.2 and 2.5" SATA

This generation of equipment includes tenth-generation Intel® processors - with the core codename "Comet Lake" - distributed over three different versions of the central processing unit (CPU) in this model: "i7 -10710U", "i5-10210U" and "i3-10110U".

The format is similar to that of traditional NUCs, being available in this version with an additional slot for adding a 2.5-inch SATA storage unit (in addition to the available slot for an M.2 SSD unit).

NUC 10 Performance - M.2 SSD

Like models from previous generations, this equipment model can be purchased in an even more compact version with just one storage unit slot for M.2 SSD.

The NUC 10 Performance models have a maximum memory capacity of around 64GB of RAM (two DDR4-2666 memory modules). The device's graphics card is integrated into the processor and is supported by a 10th generation of Intel UHD Graphics with 4K capability via HDMI 2.0b or USB-C (DisplayPort 1.2) connection.

As far as connectivity and data transmission are concerned, the NUC 10 Performance includes five external USB ports, Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201, 1GbE LAN, a Thunderbolt 3, wireless Bluetooth connection and an integrated reader for SDXC memory cards.

* The description presented on the tenth-generation models is of an illustrative nature (it does not exempt the prior consultation of an assistant and the official specification sheet).

Immediate benefits for your business

Processor and Motherboard Intel®

Ensure a very high standard of quality with an Intel-made Motherboard with a fully integrated processor in your assembly systems. All drivers, optimizations and official documentation are easily accessible to your IT department. Since, if Pulsaris is your preferred partner, you will have free access to them in face-to-face, remote or laboratory IT assistance operations.

Microsoft® - Windows 11 PRO®

Fully explore your device's potential with the Windows 11 PRO® operating system and Microsoft 365® productivity packages. Microsoft software is optimized for Intel technology and is easily integrated into your NUC devices (with an additional cost of specific licensing for solutions from Microsoft).

Check out our Deployment services for simplified integration with your company, your professional activity or your organization. You can also complete the security protection of your computer park with the ESET® protection solutions that We sell together with our customers and partners (something we highly recommend).

* Licensing available in OEM and Retail format; Windows 11 Enterprise available.

Systems Assembly and Configuration

Accounting method for individual equipment.

query_builder Delivery time - Normal


€39.90 per unit


up to 5 business days

poll Includes migration of 250GB of data.

query_builder Delivery time - Urgent


€49.90 per unit


up to 3 business days

poll Includes migration of 250GB of data.

query_builder Delivery time - Priority


€59.90 per unit


up to 2 business days

poll Includes migration of 250GB of data.

Systems Assembly and Configuration

Service Tariff per unit 1 Maximum delivery time Delivery (Intel NUC®) 2 Data migration Awarded points
Quotes assignment More than 1000 euros/year: free quote. accessibility Less than 1000 euros/year: 12.50 per individual quote (one or multiple Intel NUC®). 3
terminal Normal Deadline terminal €39.90 / Intel NUC® query_builder up to 5 business days. local_shipping €1.90 + (€0.75 / Km) poll 250GB (free) 40 points
terminal Urgent Deadline terminal €49.90 / Intel NUC® query_builder up to 3 business days. local_shipping €1.90 + (€0.75 / Km) poll 250GB (free) 50 points
terminal Priority Deadline terminal €59.90 / Intel NUC® query_builder up to 2 business days. local_shipping €1.90 + (€0.75 / Km) poll 250GB (free) 60 points
Volume of data poll Migration (up to 250GB of data): free (optional). track_changes Migration (greater than 250GB): applicable "computer data management" fees. 4
Important: accessibility Additional configurations, carried out at the customer's premises, are charged according to the On-site Computer Assistance tables.

Last update of prices: 2019.09.15 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

Availability: service available only to customers with facilities located in the Lisbon district; applicable terms of use.

1 Value defined by each individual computer (assembled according to the delivery deadline).

2 The delivery of equipment(s) is charged according to the travel schedule in force; It is not allowed to collect equipment from our facilities.

3 Preparation of a free individual quote: available for customers with a purchase volume of services and products greater than €1000 + VAT (in the last 12 months). Accounting method: offer of two individual quotes for every €1000.00 of volume purchased for services and products; note: offer valid during the 12 months after the criterion that is presented in the accounting method.

4 The volume of data from data migration operations may increase the delivery time of the equipment(s) at the rate of half a working day for each additional block of 250 GB of data.