Advance Solutions

Advance Solutions

Advanced complexity services integrated with large-scale networks.

Advanced complexity service management.

Advance solutions are designed for large companies or organizations that require highly complex solutions, with critical level availability and/or with personalized server-level resources. These services have different characteristics and the storage of resources and processing of our customers' data is carried out in a format completely different from that presented in the SME and Essential versions.*

"Cloud Computing" solutions and dedicated servers.

In this format, Web Hosting resources are allocated to equipment whose processing resources are allocated exclusively to your project. In the computing format distributed across several servers - known as "cloud computing" - the scalability of the servers' processing and storage resources is ensured by the respective service providers and these characteristics allow the anticipation of scenarios where these resources could reach their overuse peak.

* In the Advance format, the accounting method is carried out in a similar way to that presented in 360° Internet services, with the possibility of directly purchasing solutions from Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon service networks Web Services® (from among other providers and as an alternative to renting a dedicated server).

Projects focused on internationalization.

Sectors of business activity with projects that go beyond the borders of their country of tax residence can establish new horizons with this type of solution. The intrinsic nature of the distributed computing resources, which are made available here, allows us to serve a whole set of customers and partners located anywhere in the world.

Entrepreneurship and initiatives in a "start-up" format.

Projects based on technological and/or scientific platforms require processing resources appropriately suited to their mission. Distributed computing solutions make it possible to ensure the fulfillment of all the innovation purposes associated with your project. A high level of performance and permanent availability are key features for all its users and partners.

Frameworks in "PaaS", "SaaS" and "IaaS" format

The resources we manage are assigned to the Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon Web Services®, being made available in the form of a rental of processing and storage resources.

The definition and use of these rental systems allow for practically unlimited and unprecedented scalability of resources. The data centers are located in different regions of the planet and were defined by engineers and development teams from Microsoft® and Amazon®, respectively.

Thus, our customers are assured of the quality, scalability and reliability of the services contracted from these service providers.

* The term "PaaS" means "Platform as a Service"; the term "SaaS" means "Software as a Service"; Finally, the expression "IaaS" designates "Infrastructure as a Service".

Integrable with our Web Design solutions.

We have been present in Portugal since 2008 and we have the necessary experience to present the right solution for your company or organization.

All of our customers find our solutions a solid option for a consistent and successful presence on the Internet. Pulsaris Web Design solutions stand out from the competition for their reduced complexity in the development process and for the simplified management of all resources after launching a website.

CDN - Geographic distribution of resources.

Integrate your hosting solution with a decentralized content and resource distribution network. CDN (Content Delivery Network) networks allow the resolution of conflicts resulting from overuse of resources and bandwidth available on your server.

Overuse events are automatically mitigated by this type of technology, ensuring that your project remains online during a spike in user volume or during a resource overload scenario.*

* Terms and conditions apply; The impact of overutilization is mitigated in accordance with the contract with the CDN service and resource provider.

The solution indicated for online stores.

Secure the resources that are necessary to accommodate the growth in the number of users of your online stores (Webstores) and their respective volume of traffic. The use of Advance Solutions is recommended so that your project correctly accommodates the specificities associated with this type of project.

The fast and efficient execution of the databases - which are associated with the products and customers of the online stores - is a native feature of the solutions that have processing resources distributed across several data centers.

* Terms and conditions apply; variable according to the agreement with the service provider and SQL database processing resources.

10% discount on ESET Endpoint Security®

In each renewal cycle of your hosting, we grant a total discount of 10% valid for new ESET Endpoint Security® subscriptions or renewals that are directly affected by our customers. Customers can use this 10% discount every renewal cycle of their hosting subscriptions, whether quarterly, semi-annual or annually.*

* The 10% discount cannot be combined between subscription cycles or with other promotions in force; the offer is not directly associated with ESET®, the promotional subscription conditions being our sole and exclusive responsibility; the total maximum discount limit is €50.00 (+ VAT) per license granted to the customer.

Work remotely and safely.

ESET® is the "European Union's number one endpoint security partner" and the solutions it develops comply with the protection principles and standards established by cybersecurity offices in several European countries.

We provide several ESET® protection solutions to our customers in subscription format. ESET has been on the market since 1992 and develops state-of-the-art software applications for the antivirus, firewall and encryption segments, among other business security segments.

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Advance Solutions

Individual task accounting method.

First hour

30 minutes

60 minutes

accessibility Separate hour: 60 minutes

Second hour

90 minutes

120 minutes

accessibility Separate hour: fractions of 30 min.

Hours following

+30 minutes

+30 minutes

accessibility Separate hour: fractions of 30 min.

Advance Solutions - Service Management

Advance Solutions Advance - Service management Reference tariff Amount Awarded points
accessibility Individual query_builder Separate hour (first hour) accessibility €35.00 / hour accessibility €35.00 / hour 35 points
query_builder Separate hour (fractions of 30 minutes) accessibility €17.50 / 30 min. accessibility €17.50 / 30 min. 18 points
memory Prepaid memory 10 hour pack (600 minutes) accessibility €14.95 / 30 min. watch_later €299.00 (10 hours) 300 points
memory 25 hour pack (1500 minutes) accessibility €12.45 / 30 min. watch_later €622.50 (25 hours) 650 points
memory 50 hour pack (3000 minutes) accessibility €11.25 / 30 min. watch_later €1125.00 (50 hours) 1200 points
memory 100 hour pack (6000 minutes) accessibility €9.95 / 30 min. watch_later €1990.00 (100 hours) 2000 points

Last update of prices: 2018.02.28 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

Important note: to these rates is added the value of your personalized subscription, which is purchased directly from Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon Web Services® (AWS®).