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Simplified content management through your employees.

Content management through its collaborators.

The HTML Connect solution is based on an autonomous content management platform that allows our customers a high degree of independence. In this version of ours we use open-source software called Wordpress® and which, through the use of a MySQLi database, offers a scalability factor of clearly magnitude superior to that found in our other Web Design solutions.

Integration of the Web Design solution with Wordpress®.

In this format, the integration between the Wordpress® software and our Web Design solution begins at the initial stage, using PHP and MySQLi programming languages - in addition to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Therefore, our solution is integrated with a content management panel and an online database, allowing you and your employees to manage the website without programming knowledge.

Advantages of open-source software.

The "core code" of the management panel is directly linked to the Wordpress platform®, which is open-source software that can be freely consulted by any security specialist. This feature is an absolute advantage as the platform is in constant development and is improved daily by thousands of programmers from all over the world.

Use of this platform in large companies.

This content management system is present in the daily lives of countless multinationals and large companies. Over the course of more than 17 years, the platform has matured enough to become the preferred choice for management bodies that wish to share the responsibility for managing internal information only between themselves and their employees.

* HTML Connect (accounting system): counted in fractions of 20 minutes; unused minutes can be converted into 360° Internet Services; The use of additional minutes is carried out using the formats available in "360° Internet Services" and in accordance with the tables in force.

Website development


Development for Wordpress®.

Development is carried out using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQLi. At all stages of development, the code is checked for compatibility and optimization purposes.


Automatic update of core code.

In the "HTML Connect" solution, the "core code" of the content management panel is automatically updated through a proprietary function. The plugins, the "HTML Connect" application package and the Web Design solution are updated according to their respective terms.


Autonomous content management.

We ensure the normal functioning of your website on a daily basis and your employees ensure the management of its contents. Just an email away, the Pulsaris® support service ensures the resolution of queries or possible technical incidents.*

* Through the support defined in your plan Web Hosting SME and/or Advance Solutions.

Content management panel


Learning high vector.

The content panel is easy to use and adapts to different types of users. Most functions are presented in a simplified way to your employees, and in a short time they will be able to publish and manage content through this platform.


Flexibility and advanced mobility.

The multi-user format gives your employees all the flexibility, whether they are working in mobility or teleworking format. Users can manage content via a smartphone or tablet device, with the final texts being reviewed by higher management or published immediately.


Image and multimedia content.

Employees can publish image and multimedia content with relative ease and even control their visual layout on the website. The control panel also has quick editing and image management tools. The integration of videos is also carried out with relative simplicity, which can be integrated with additional hosting space.

Technical support and training


Security and technical maintenance.

The content management panel core code update process is automatic. The updating of the remaining elements of your solution is ensured in accordance with the contractual terms in your Web Hosting Pulsaris® solution.


In-person training

The HTML Connect solution includes 90 minutes* for training your company's employees. We offer packages of additional training hours and an in-person technical support service in the form of Computer Assistance.

* It adds the cost of going to the site in In-person IT Assistance.


Integration with Advance Solutions.

As it is a solution with a high scalability factor, Pulsaris allows the migration or integration of the HTML Connect solution with the set of services present in the Advance Solutions.*

* Enables access to the Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon Web Services®.

Managed Web Hosting


Integration with hosting service.

We provide a set of Managed Web Hosting, domain registration and simplified email services free of charge for a maximum period of three months (in addition to the offers included in your HTML Connect solution).


You can use a concurrent server.

Although we highly recommend using our Web Hosting services, your Web Design solution can easily be migrated to an external server and used in a Web Hosting service from a company that competes with Pulsaris.


Access to a simplified email service.

The simplified email service can be used from the 1st; minute the Internet domain integration process is complete on the server and associated DNS services. In addition, you can upgrade to an Exchange Online® professional email solution, according to the current rates.

World Wide Web Integration


Universal access philosophy.

The entire development process is based on the standards and guidelines established by W3C (International World Wide Web Consortium). The special approach we attribute to programming standards ensures compatibility and correct navigability for users and visitors to your website.


Adaptive visual format web design.

All current Pulsaris Web Design solutions are developed in an adaptive format with universal and multiplatform compatibility. This special parameter is implemented using media queries.


Optimized for Search Engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) service is included in all our Web Design solutions. The development is carried out in accordance with the recommendations made available by the main Internet search providers in Portugal, the United States and the European Union.

Additional features


"Silent" management of the website.

We never disclose the names of our customers and, by default, we do not include any indication that Pulsaris developed its website. This principle ensures the confidentiality of your project and allows for greater customization by our clients.


Connect with all your customers.

Explore the potential of new communication networks with your customers. Social networks allow you to strengthen your connection with your customers and define an exclusive communication identity for your company or organization.

* We will be happy to help you set up your social networks. However, please note that we do not manage or administer the content of these social networks.


Additional features and content.

Our Web Design solutions allow the incorporation of other functionalities that fit their respective programming, security and development standards. Thus, you can incorporate APIs developed by third parties, acquire Multimedia content, add "SaaS" solution services or use Advance Solutions, among other options.

Adaptive Format Web Design

Website programming is mainly carried out using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. When necessary, we also use PHP and SQL language to incorporate additional functionalities, as for example, in the case of the HTML Connect'18 solution, which allows the autonomous management of contents by the users assigned to the client.

All websites we develop are compatible with adaptive format Web Design. This development method is commonly known as "Responsive Web Design" and allows the entire page design to constantly adapt to the format and resolution of the website visitors' screens.

Easy integration with any of our services

Given that the development period is a variable time process, Pulsaris offers a set of hosting, domain registration and simplified email services for a maximum period of three months (in addition to the offers contemplated in its Web solution design). Thus, if this is your first website, you will be guaranteed that your presence on the Internet will "branch", right from the start, with your customers and partners.

In addition, we immediately ensure a presence page with the Domain Connect micro-solution for our Cartão de Negócio® and Blipcard® services. The development process is completed with the online launch of your website, and at this stage the customer will have access to the set of offers included in your solution. When the Web Design solution includes Internet hosting services, integration is completely free and does not require any interaction on the part of the client or their respective assistants.

Solutions for large-scale website integration

Large customers can integrate their websites with "Solutions Advance", a highly customized solution that integrates them in a multinational context with the network of Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon Web Services®. The high level of personalization, at this scale, ensures multinational customers simplified access to state-of-the-art servers that, when integrated with their websites, allow serving millions of monthly visitors with relative ease. In this solution you will find Internet equipment capable of processing information on a large scale and with levels of performance and optimization that are a world reference in the universe of large technologies.

Programming and development fees

Our rates are applied based on the number of hours spent preparing and developing your project. The hours are used in tasks as diverse as, for example, manual programming of the main structure of your website or the graphics and design of the visual elements that will characterize your new space on the Internet.

The development process is thus counted according to the minutes used, which are divided into multiples of 20 minutes or 30 minutes, using criteria similar to those used in 360° Internet Services. Our more complex Web Design solutions include, by default, a set of predefined starting hours* with a lower hourly rate than those shown in minute packages purchased individually or separately.

* Set of starting hours: 120 hours (7200 minutes) for "Easy HTML5", "Easy Presence" and "Portugal Online"; 150 hours (9000 minutes) for "HTML Connect '18"; not applicable to "Blipcard" and "Advance Solutions".

What if there are missing or spare Web Design minutes?

When these are not fully used, the remaining number of minutes can be migrated to your current plafond of "Internet Services 360°". Conversely, if during the development process these same minutes prove to be insufficient for the typology or complexity of your project, you can purchase and add minutes separately according to the table in force at the time for these minutes.

Don't worry, as in any project, the amount of time needed to complete the website is discussed regularly during meetings and is usually definitively established at the beginning, without any change or increase in the minutes needed for completion during the course of the project. . If you have any questions, you can always consult us at any time through your assistant, Customer Service or the Customer Ombudsman.

HTML Connect ‘18 - Security updates *

* does not include adding/editing content, individual pages or image/video resources.
The Wordpress® core is updated separately.

First year



assignment_ind Requirement: Web Hosting Pulsaris.

Second year

25% discount

25% discount

assignment_ind Requirement: Web Hosting Pulsaris.

Following years

Standard fee

Standard fee

assignment_ind Requirement: Web Hosting Pulsaris.

Web Design - HTML Connect ‘18 solution

HTML Connect Brief description of services Information Amount Awarded points
library_books 150 hours of programming and development. library_books Website (75,00%) library_books €937.43 940 points
library_books Lançamento do website e conclusão de trabalhos. library_books Website (25,00%) library_books €312.48 320 points
(for 6 months)
bubble_chart 360° Internet Services • (1500 minutes) bubble_chart 25 hours (included) bubble_chart Saving (€348.75) - - -
memory Web Hosting • SME 360° memory 6 months (included) memory Saving (€269.40) - - -
Additional offer public Domain(s) subscription • Gift voucher (€29.90 + VAT) public Gift voucher public Offer (€29.90) - - -
Important: accessibility It does not exempt the prior consultation of a Pulsaris assistant and the terms applicable to the solution HTML Connect'18.

Last update of prices: 2019.01.07 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

Validity: on September 28, 2018, the base version of the HTML Connect'18 solution (120 hours) was permanently replaced by the new base version that now contains 150 hours of programming and development (the previous base version is no longer available permanently) ; The characteristics of the two promotional offers were also increased.

Terms of Use: It does not exempt the consultation of a Pulsaris assistant and the terms applicable to the solution HTML Connect'18.

Additional development hours: we have packages of additional hours for projects of increased complexity, the applicable tables are those of 360° Internet Services.