Open-source Software

Software Applications in Open-Source Format

Available to NGOs and other non-profit entities.

Reduce the costs of the organization where you work and discover all the versatility that the use of open-source software has to offer in the day-to-day activities of your non-governmental organization (NGO), foundation, governmental institution or non-profit entity.

Open-source and software subscriptions in ONG/GOV format

The advent of the Internet provided ideal conditions for emergence of numerous collaboration and communication platforms between development teams and individual developers (developers). Collaboration platforms are a privileged space that allows the emergence of the most varied and unique projects

* These projects include platforms active collaboration for the development of systems and applications that allow efficient performance of extremely complex tasks for productivity and automation purposes. It is in this context that we present to our institutional clients a wide range of Windows®, MacOS® and Linux® applications, together with our available offer of Microsoft® productivity solutions and ESET® security solutions for the institutional segment (NGO/GOV).*