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A gateway to the universe of Information Technologies.

Protection of investments in Information Technologies.

Pulsaris offers unique conditions for the protection of investments in technology and solutions aimed at the daily lives of companies, institutions and liberal professionals. Our customers find structured solutions that allow them to sustainably increase their results and give more visibility to their business and professional activities.

Presence in various sectors of the Portuguese economy.

We provide daily support to corporate and institutional customers who They trust us to guarantee the regular functioning of their professional activities. We serve the most different economic agents and sectors of activity that make up the national economy and that are present in the daily lives of thousands of Portuguese citizens. The special focus and care that we attribute to the projects that are delegated to us quickly distinguishes us from the companies that compete with us. Our presence is cemented by a feeling of trust and security in the services we provide in the long term.

Your connection to new technologies

Why hesitate when you can take your next step with particular confidence? An intelligent choice of technology that affects your economic activity can make all the difference for a business like yours. Pulsaris customers have access to structured solutions that allow them to sustainably increase their results and give more visibility to their activity.

A policy of rigor, cost predictability and total transparency towards our customers is continuously applied. This approach's primary purpose is to establish a feeling of security and ensure the minimization of risks associated with the selection of projects presented by our potential and current clients.

The terms and conditions of our solutions, services and products are presented clearly and thoughtfully so that Pulsaris customers can carry out a careful, detailed and conscious analysis of their payment options. investment.

Present in the Portuguese market since 2008

Pulsaris was established in the Portuguese market in 2008 and since its initial phase it has been present in different technological areas associated, in general, with Internet services, IT Technology and Advertising.

In the first year of activity we were one of the market forerunners in presenting integrated solutions specifically designed for the micro-business sector and the self-employed professionals sector. This reading of the market has proven to be of great importance with the emergence of numerous integrated solutions that were previously only intended for large economic agents with high negotiating power.

Our face-to-face computer assistance services are also among the first in Portugal - if not the first - to offer a face-to-face accounting system in 30-minute increments simultaneously with a kilometer accounting system that is rounded to the nearest tenth up to the point of travel at the customer's premises.

In 2010, the launch of the Cartão de Negócio® service allowed us to further expand the set of Internet solutions created for segments with less negotiation capacity at the corporate level. The virtual business card service presented itself - and still presents itself today - as a distinguishing factor compared to the competition. The service was initially made available in Portugal, in an experimental format, and is now available in a multilingual format for users located anywhere in the world.

360° Internet Services also introduced a fair system of accounting for different tasks performed for the implementation of projects, execution of tasks and maintenance of services associated with the Internet. With this system, it became possible for our customers to purchase pre-paid minute packages and account for them in fractions of 30 minutes and fractions of 20 minutes, depending on their scope and application.

Our most popular Internet hosting plans also have 360° which allow the use of additional minutes to carry out the tasks listed above. In this current year of 2018, the 360° allow the use of 120 minutes per month to be applied to these various tasks.

Pulsaris' offer is also made up of a set of other services and products that are available in easy-to-understand formats and with a high-cost predictability factor. Some of our services and products even come from suppliers with a very high international reputation, with whom we have and maintain the privilege of working daily and actively.

Over this period of time we have sought to create more and better offers in our different sectors of economic activity, considerably expanding the range of choice for our customers. The solutions that Pulsaris® presents offer an adequate response to SMEs and micro-enterprises. Furthermore, the scalability of some solutions provides a level of execution close to that of project solutions executed and implemented by large companies and entities with international expression.

Preferred areas of execution

  • Small and micro-businesses
  • Projects in "Startup" format
  • Export activities
  • New generation agricultural sector
  • Areas of scientific investigation
  • Diplomatic representations
  • SME's (small and medium-sized companies)
  • Foreign investment in Portugal
  • State and public-administration
  • NGO (non-governmental organizations)
  • IPSS (social solidarity institutions)
  • Independent and Liberal professionals

Preferred geographic areas

Portugal, European Union, United Kingdom and Norway.

United States, Brazil and Canada.

Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) and Timor-Leste.

We always have a medium and long-term vision

The objectives by which we guide ourselves daily are not focused on the immediate, but rather on a medium and long-term vision with serious and adequate planning. We always seek efficient use of new technologies and the entire technological structure that affects our clients' activities.

The acquisition of new services and products always aims to increase customer productivity rates and establish security mechanisms that allow the investment made in our various areas to be protected of activity.

International projection and multinational vision

Our country is integrated into an economy on a European and global scale. This is an excellent opportunity to establish or cement a close relationship with your business partners abroad. Pulsaris solutions give you the security you need to establish an image of trust with your strategic partners and customers.

Our considerations are some of the fundamental principles that contribute to our customer loyalty strategy and are the elements that define our presence in the Portuguese, European Union and international markets. The relationship of trust that exists between our customers and Pulsaris is therefore fundamental, being of crucial importance in a market tremendously characterized by its heterogeneity and fragmentation of offers.

Featured information

Accessibility certified in Portugal

In 2010 we became the first and only Web Design company in Portugal with a maximum level of accessibility on its own website (we obtained the maximum level "AAA", and it was necessary to create a special category for a provider of this service).

Our certificate was awarded and validated by UMIC (Agency for the Knowledge Society, I.P.) through a daily and real-time control tool of the code of our website.*

* The accessibility indicator was made available by the same entity until 2014, when the database was officially deactivated by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P.).

Integrated Internet Solutions

We were among the first to offer integrated Internet service and Web Design solutions for the Portuguese micro-business segment. Solutions with multiple service management were normally exclusive to companies with greater organizational and negotiation capacity.

Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption

The evolution of computer technology has enabled the miniaturization of equipment accompanied by a considerable increase in its computational performance compared to older equipment.

Attentive to this trend, we invested in computer solutions with reduced energy consumption with the availability of Intel NUC platforms® and the integration of systems with processors new generation with high energy efficiency characteristics.

Pulsaris® PRO systems are optionally integrated with Intel® "Ultra-low voltage" processors with T, U and Y nomenclatures. The processor supplier's nomenclatures respect "Power-optimized" (T), "Ultra-low power" (U) and "Extremely low power" (Y).

The Pulsaris PRO® and Intel NUC® systems also use components that allow for greater energy efficiency, namely motherboards, disk drives without mechanical parts (SSD disks) and low-consumption RAM memories.

Portugal Online Solution

The Portuguese economy successfully overcame a period of external assistance that entailed a phase of high budgetary constraints. The business sector suffered from this period of exceptional difficulty which led to a retraction in some of the most important sectors of the national economy.

Taking this reality into account, during 2013 we provided an integrated solution called "Portugal Online" which allowed and still allows access to a wide range of services and products with special payment conditions for our customers.

Among the various features of this solution, aimed at SMEs and micro-enterprises that actively contribute to the development of the Portuguese economy, the payment for a fractional period of 12 months of a complete Web Design and Web Hosting service, including the provision of IT and Internet services with particularly attractive conditions.

Cartão de Negócio® and Blipcard®

Blipcard® is a business card hosting service in electronic format with interactivity and compatibility functions that allow you to overcome many the limitations of business cards printed on paper or plastic.

The data domiciliation service has been developed permanently by Pulsaris®, since 2010, when it was made available in in an experimental format for a small set of previously selected users.

The service's fundamental principle is the portability and interoperability of its users' data with the largest possible number of devices with Internet access.

The service is available in three different formats with the designations "Individual", "PRO & Early Bird" and "PRO Domain Connect". The experimental version that was made available in 2010 is called "Early Bird", which in Portuguese means "early bird", and there are still cards that are active in this initial test format for free.

Blipcard® is currently available to users located anywhere in the world and is virtually available in any language in the world (through text and HTML5 code conversion). This multilingual function is called "Universal Blipcard". The function can also be easily incorporated into our "PRO Domain Connect" and "Multi-card" versions.

Additional Information

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