Data Recovery Level I

Data Recovery

Available in two different formats

We offer two different modalities in our recovery service of data that meet the physical and structural condition of the data storage medium.

Undamaged storage support (level Ⅰ)

Operations classified as "level 1" usually have resulting in loss of information resulting from user interaction with the operating system (OS), files or software applications installed on your workstation.

Although to a lesser extent, requests made in this category They originate from problems caused by unintentional or deficient formatting, partition loss, operating system corruption and "infections" caused by viruses, malware or spyware.

Storage support damaged (level Ⅱ)

Operations with "level 2" classification are assigned to equipment or storage media with loss of information caused by accidents, physical damage, mechanical breakdowns or firmware failures. In this format, storage media is handled in a forensic laboratory developed by Data Recover Center®.*

* DRC operations® are level 2 and are designated as "Advanced Data Recovery".