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Software and productivity solutions

The perfect union between productivity and technology

Increase the flexibility and efficiency of your professional activity with the numerous software solutions made available by Microsoft®. Professional software solutions are up to any challenge, relying on the excellence of Microsoft's development teams and many years of experience in the most diverse market sectors, including the corporate and institutional segments.

Collaboration and integration at the highest level

Don't turn your back on the present. Your employees will be able to find a tailor-made solution here for their daily work organization and management problems. Bear in mind that a well-defined strategy for the future of your company or institution involves a careful selection of the software used daily by your employees.

* Office Mobile®

Mobility, Cloud and next generation applications

Office 365® solutions are today the ideal form of mobility collaboration, taking full advantage of the cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) resources provided by engineers and Microsoft® development teams.

The dozens of applications and micro-applications that make up the Office 365® universe allow any employee to explore the potential of their daily professional activity and improve their work with their management bodies.

Easily use the most familiar traditional applications

The learning vector is high and easy to reach. To begin with, the traditional applications Word®, Excel®, Onenote® and Powerpoint® are present in the Office 365 suite of professional solutions®. The familiarity is such that even your least attentive employees will find it relatively easy to learn how to use the latest versions of this set of applications, including their formats for the Web (through an Internet browser) and for mobile devices (Mobile).

Access to next-generation applications

Office 365® is much more than the universe you are used to in offline mode and is not limited to previous productivity applications. Your subscription gives you access to an additional set of applications and features that easily streamline your work and bring added value to your daily professional life. All this for the benefit of your activity, accompanied by a high level of security and a simplicity of handling that system managers are not regularly accustomed to.

* Consult us for additional information about this set of services.

Office 365® and Microsoft 365® for companies, professionals and institutions

Microsoft 365 Business • Basic

"The best choice for businesses that need business email and other business services on their PC, Mac, or mobile device. Desktop versions of Office apps not included."

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business*

"The best option for companies that need Office applications and cloud file sharing and storage on PC, Mac or mobile device."

* Business email is not included in this version.

Microsoft 365 Business • Standard

"The best option for companies that need business email, Office apps and other business services on their PC, Mac or mobile device."

Microsoft 365 Business • Premium

Services and applications included in "Office 365 Business" with the addition of advanced security and device management features.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Office 365 with advanced productivity applications and features. Available in "ProPlus", "Enterprise E1", "Enterprise E3" and "Office 365 E5" formats

Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

"Microsoft 365" applications and services designed in E5, E3 and F1 format, all specifically created for large workgroups.

Operating Systems

Microsoft® operating systems

Windows 10 PRO® & Windows 10 Enterprise®

Be at the forefront of technological innovation

Be one step ahead of your competition and provide unique conditions for all your employees using the most advanced operating system on the market. Microsoft® is a leader in productivity solutions for the corporate and institutional segment. The North American multinational has been at the forefront of innovation for more than three decades and the Windows 10 operating system is the culmination of a unique vision of interoperability and mobility in the 21st century.

Windows 10 is without a doubt the Microsoft operating system that introduces the most simplicity into the daily lives of its professional users. From among its millions of lines of code, the entire interface has been improved to accommodate feedback from millions of users and ensure substantial efficiency gains compared to previous versions of its operating system.

Windows 11 PRO® & Windows 11 Enterprise®

Your security integrated with the latest technology

Windows is even more secure in version 11 and has a sophisticated interface so you can get the most out of your productivity tasks. Windows is available in PRO version and Enterprise version to ensure the normal functioning of your professional or institutional activity

Purchase the Windows 11® PRO operating system together with a professional solution Intel NUC® or with a fully customized desktop computer from the Pulsaris® PRO.

Windows Server 2022®

Windows Server 2022® in tune with the full potential of the Azure® network

Windows Server 2022 is the operating system that enables perfect integration between your company's or your institution's local servers with the entire network of services provided by Microsoft Azure®.

Hybrid functionality with Azure

"Expand your datacenter to Azure to maximize your investments and gain new hybrid functionality."

Advanced multi-layer security

"Elevate your security policy by protecting the datacenter, starting with the operating system."

Faster innovation for applications

"Enable the creation of cloud-native applications and modernize traditional applications through containers and micro-services."

Unprecedented hyperconverged infrastructure

"Evolve your data center infrastructure for greater efficiency and security."

Processors - Requirements for Different Windows® Versions

Official Support - Supported Processors

Are you unsure whether your computer supports your current version of Windows?

Check the official Microsoft page for support for your Windows® operating system (available for your Intel®, AMD® or Qualcomm® processor).

Information available at:

Unsupported systems and software alarm

If you still use one of the operating systems and/or software applications listed below, you can update your systems using Pulsaris® deployment services. Contact us at

Windows 10® & Office 2013®
EOL - End of support date alarm

Official support for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025. The upgrade to version 11 is only available for devices that meet the security requirements of this version of Windows.

Official support for Office 2013 ended on April 11, 2023. Our customers have different solutions available for a smooth transition and migration process to Microsoft 365.

Windows 7® & Office 2010®
EOL - End of support date alarm

Official support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020, with only support in Extended Security Updates (ESU) format for business customers with specific features.

Official support for Office 2010 ended on October 13, 2020.

Windows Vista® & Office 2007®
EOL - End of support date alarm

Official support for these two products ended on April 11, 2017 and October 10, 2017, respectively.

Windows XP® & Office 2003®
EOL - End of support date alarm

Microsoft® ended official support for these two products on April 8, 2014.