Institutional Information

Institutional Information

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Commercial activity and business mission.

Find in these sections commercial and business information regarding our economic activity in Portugal and the European Union. Discover some of our experimental Internet services (generally accessible to the public) made available through Pulsaris Labs projects or also access the latest news in IT equipment and integration of Pulsaris PRO systems.

Social initiatives and user privacy policies.

In these sections we present and detail all the information regarding our relationship with users and the processing of our customers' information. We also detail and explain our privacy and Internet accessibility policies. You will also be able to know in detail our presence in the existing social networks on the Internet.

We are there for your biggest challenges.

We have been in the Portuguese market since 2008 and throughout our journey we have rarely disappointed those who sought our solutions and services. The special focus and care we give to our clients' projects quickly sets us apart from our competitors and that's why we continue to make the difference with our oldest clients.

And we also adapt to our challenges.

The relationship of trust between the client and Pulsaris is essential due to the wide diversity and type of solutions that we provide to our clients. In all our implementation and development processes, we seek to guarantee strict quality standards that ensure this same relationship of trust.

For this reason, we follow all events dictated by factors that are exogenous to us. These factors force us to adapt and update our execution methods, which are often dictated by new standards introduced by the European Union or Portuguese sovereign bodies.

Special information for our customers

Pay attention to the information we publish on the Internet for consultation by all our customers and users. You can also follow our social networks where we frequently publish updates about our products and services.

Our official communications are available on the following page: