Pulsaris - Web Design, Internet and Information Technology Solutions.

Give your business a boost. Enjoy all the mobility benefits.

We value your business, not the size of your company.

Pulsaris offers unique conditions for the protection of investments in technology and solutions aimed at the daily lives of companies, organizations and self-employed professionals.

We have been in the Portuguese market since 2008 and throughout our journey we have rarely disappointed those who sought our solutions and services. The special focus and care that we attribute to our clients' projects quickly distinguishes us from our competitors.

Increase your productivity and that of your employees

The increase in productivity rates, adequate planning and the efficient use of technological structures are among some of the key elements that make up our investment and customer loyalty strategy.

Pulsaris customers find structured solutions that allow them to sustainably increase their results and give more visibility to their business and professional activity. Our objectives are not focused on the immediate, but on a medium and long-term vision.

Active policy of satisfaction and quality.

The relationship of trust between the customer and Pulsaris is essential, taking into account the diversity and type of solutions we provide. In all implementation and development processes, we continually seek to ensure strict quality standards that ensure this same relationship of trust.

We seriously believe that meeting the proposed objectives and guaranteeing a high level of satisfaction are paramount in running a company of excellence in any market.

Thus, since our inception, we have focused on our customers and on solutions that guarantee the sustainability and integral functioning of all their businesses and technology.

Consult us today and discover the advantages we have to offer your activity.

Acting in different sectors of the Portuguese and European economy

We provide daily support to business, professional and institutional customers who trust us to ensure the regular functioning of their activities. We serve the most different economic sectors and branches of activity that make up both our economy and the European Economic Area, which are present in the daily lives of thousands of Portuguese and European citizens.

We stand out from our competition

The special attention with which we approach the projects that are delegated to us easily distinguishes us from the companies that are our competitors. Our presence is cemented by a feeling of confidence and security in the products we offer and the services we provide in the long term.

Market segments

  • Liberal professionals.
  • Independent workers.
  • Micro-enterprises and local businesses.
  • SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).
  • Projects of "Startup" format.
  • Export and import activities.
  • New generation agricultural sector.
  • Scientific research areas.
  • Diplomatic and international representations.
  • Foreign investment in Portugal.
  • State and Local Public Administration.
  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations).
  • IPSS (institutions of social solidarity).

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Establish a long-term relationship of trust with us

Solutions for all sizes and purposes

Our solutions suit virtually every market segment.

Professional Web Design

Easy Presence

Special payment conditions for small and micro-sized companies.

Easy HTML5

A solution that ensures our customers a smooth and successful presence on the Internet.

HTML Connect '18

Website with dedicated management panels for our customers' employees.

Portugal Online

Support for entrepreneurship and for companies that promote Portuguese economic activity.

Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

All Internet hosting services with integrated management of web hosting services.

Web Hosting Essential

The ideal starting point to ensure a serious and successful presence on the Internet.

Web Hosting SME

The right choice for using SQL database resources and content management platforms.

Advance Solutions

Integrated solutions with Microsoft Azure® and/or Amazon Web Services® service networks

Internet Services

Internet Services 360°

Delegate a virtually unlimited set of tasks directly related to existing services and solutions on the Internet.

Website migration

This service allows our customers to freely switch between different Internet hosting providers and services.

Content Management

Use of technical resources for the maintenance and management of websites hosted on competing servers or on Pulsaris servers.

Content Translation

Ensure a consistent and successful international presence with our development solutions in a multilingual format.

Internet presence

Internet domains

Registration, management and maintenance of Internet domains with simplified integration with Web Hosting.

Professional Email

Simplified email systems and highly complex proprietary email systems.

Traffic Optimization

Use your traffic resources efficiently with changes to your server's parameterization.


Our business card subscription service in electronic format, available in Portugal since 2010.

IT Assistance

Computer Assistance

On-site IT support available for customers whose facilities are located in the District of Lisbon.

Lab Assistance

The recommended option for operations that require a prolonged intervention time and whose resolution time is not critical.

Through remote access

Benefit from even more competitive rates by subscribing to a remote access assistance service.

Computer Data

Data management and handling of storage media for all customers with access to our IT solutions.

Diagnosis and Repair of Malfunctions

Diagnosis of faults

Use our fault diagnosis services in computer equipment with relative ease.

Hardware Repair

Intervention and technical repair services for computer equipment belonging to clients in a professional and/or business context.

Data Recovery - Level I

"Level I" recovery with its origin in loss of information resulting from electronic interaction with storage media.

Data Recovery - Level II

For storage media with loss of information caused by accidents, physical damage, mechanical failures or firmware failures.

Software Solutions

ESET® Protection Solutions

Protect your business with cutting-edge software and security solutions from ESET®.

Solutions from Microsoft®

Systems licensing and integration of Office® and Microsoft 365® productivity solutions.

Open-source Software

Use of open-source software (open-source) and software licensing in ONG/GOV format.

Linux® systems and software

Implementation of software and systems equipped with Linux® in the professional and business segments.

IT Equipment

System Integrators

State-of-the-art IT technology at your fingertips with our equipment assembly and integration services.

Pulsaris PRO Systems

Our workstations use technology that always follows the latest market trends for the professional segment.

Intel NUC® Systems

Intel NUC® systems (Next Unit of Computing) are a compact solution with high performance and energy efficiency per individual watt.

Systems and Network Management

Management and definition of network systems together with electrical protection systems for all your IT infrastructure.