Graphic printing

Digital print

A partnership between Pulsaris and Go Factory® for graphic prints and products and services directly associated with them.

Partnership between Pulsaris and Go Factory.

When our customers so request, Pulsaris works in the advertising area in strict cooperation with their communication and image departments. In order for these projects to obey the principle of vertical integration, in 2012 we established a partnership with Go Factory® in Lisbon, Portugal.

Printing Production Center in Lisbon

The partnership allows us to ensure a high standard of quality, while providing us with access to a privileged means of producing physical solutions for advertising communication and institutional dissemination between companies, consumers and partners, among others.

Go Factory® also has a specialized graphic design and multimedia production service that works in conjunction with us, allowing us to provide different services for smaller customers who do not have a dedicated department to communication and image.

The Go Factory production center is located in a privileged area of Lisbon and makes it possible to carry out graphic printing work on virtually any physical printing support, simultaneously with access to state-of-the-art printing equipment and a team made up of more than a dozen collaborators and specialized professionals.

Digital Print

Available in any size and quantity.*

Services Provided

  • Prepress service.
  • Digital print.
  • Cut service.
  • Finishing service.
  • Assembly service.

Digital print

  • In small format.
  • In medium format.
  • In large format.
  • In giant format.

Opaque or Perforated Mesh

  • Screens for gables.
  • Screens for billboards.
  • Theater backdrop screens.
  • Indoor screens.

Digital print

  • Car vinyl.
  • Vinyl for exhibition.
  • Vinyl with and without lamination.
  • Windows graphics or perforated.
  • Cut vinyl.
  • Carbon vinyl, leather, etc.
  • Other ranges.

Decoration and Assemblies

  • Car decoration.
  • Shop window decoration.
  • Stand decoration.
  • Home decoration.
  • Inner decoration.
  • Includes mounts.

Custom-made displays

  • Cardboard displays.
  • Alveolar PVC.
  • Expanded PC with cutting edge (with or without backrest).
  • Other ranges.

Printed paper for interiors and exteriors.

  • Plain paper.
  • Blueback paper.
  • Whiteback paper.
  • Billboards.
  • Mini billboards.
  • Mupis.
  • Posters.
  • Stand ups.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Networld.
  • Roll-ups.

* Orders are subject to the terms of use and contracting of Go Factory®.

Digital printing center in Lisbon

Printing for advertising agencies and professional clients.

In small, medium, large and giant format.

Prepress, cutting, finishing and assembly services available.