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Fault diagnosis

Use our fault diagnosis services in computer equipment with relative ease. These diagnostic services make it possible to identify the most diverse malfunctions in desktop computers (desktop) and portable computers (laptop) in the laboratory.

Repair of computer hardware and equipment

Equipment repairs are carried out in accordance with our current price tables for this market segment (available here). Competitive rates make hardware repair a great alternative to purchasing new equipment. Our repairs are covered by a minimum warranty period of 6 (six) months.

* Available to professional customers only (companies, organizations, independent professionals, among others). Technical assessment and technical repair of mobile phones, smartphones and "Tablet" format devices are only available in the context of warranty, when the equipment is purchased directly from Pulsaris.

Portable computers

Laptops are the preferred choice for productivity tasks both in and out of the office. However, the portability characteristics of these equipment expose them to the most diverse types of accidents and the most unusual breakdowns. The technical evaluation in the laboratory allows a careful and detailed evaluation of this category of equipment.

Apple brand computer equipment®

We repair Apple brand equipment® and update specific components for this brand. Equipment belonging to the Mac® family uses a different assembly structure that requires a type of specialized technical intervention that is made available to your business or professional activity.

Diagnostics for Apple iPad® and Microsoft Surface®

This service is only available for equipment that was purchased directly from Pulsaris and under the warranty conditions offered by the manufacturer. Please be advised that we only offer Microsoft® branded tablet devices (Surface® devices) and Apple® branded devices (iPad devices ®).

Desktop Computers

Diagnosis available for desktop computers, Intel NUC® models, Pulsaris PRO models and other desktop equipment that has faulty components and/or damaged.

Failures in computer data storage media and devices

We offer two distinct data recovery services for storage media in the event of breakdown, physical damage or imminent failure. "Data Recovery I" and "Data Recovery II" services are available to all our customers.

Smartphones / Cell Phones

We do not repair anomalies, malfunctions and/or damages present in smartphone equipment or cell phones.

Information: Pulsaris does not sell Android® tablets, smartphones and other cell phone models.

Data Recover Center®

A Pulsaris® partnership has been established in the area of computer data recovery and information security with the prestigious national computer data recovery laboratory. DRC® provides companies, professionals and organizations with an excellent service for recovering data from computer data storage devices.

#1 • Apple iPad® / Microsoft Surface® / Android Tablets®

Fault diagnosis Information to our customers
Apple iPad® tablet_mac Only available for equipment purchased from Pulsaris and under Apple®'s manufacturer warranty conditions.
Microsoft Surface® tablet Available only for equipment purchased from Pulsaris and under the manufacturer's warranty conditions Microsoft®.
Android® Tablets tablet_android The diagnostic service has been discontinued for tablet devices with the Android® operating system.
Important: assignment A period of 24 hours for quarantine of equipment(s) in our facilities is added to the maximum delivery times.

Last update of prices: 2020.10.15 - Only available in warranty context. Collection(free redelivery): local_shipping (€1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km)) + VAT.1

1 The delivery of equipment(s) is free when the address is the same as the one where the equipment(s) was collected; for delivery to another address, the route is charged according to the table in force.

#2 • Laptops and desktop computers

Fault diagnosis Unit fee 1, 2, 4, 5 Picking (free redelivery) 3 Report delivery Awarded points
Portable computer laptop  €29.90 / unit local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) event 4 to 15 business days. 30 points
Desktop computer desktop_windows  €29.90 / unit local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) event 3 to 10 business days. 30 points
Pulsaris® PRO
(equipment out of warranty)
developer_board  €15.00 / unit local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) event 2 to 10 business days. 15 points
Intel NUC®
(equipment out of warranty)
developer_board  €15.00 / unit local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) event 2 to 10 business days. 15 points
Important: assignment A period of 24 hours for quarantine of equipment(s) in our facilities is added to the maximum delivery times.

Last update of prices: 2018.02.28 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

1 Value defined per individual computer equipment intervened and according to the delivery deadline.

2 Smooth diagnosis: two thirds of the total value of diagnosis are fully deducted from the cost of the repair, if this is authorized by the customer. If the equipment cannot be repaired, we will offer a new diagnosis for the same cost (not covering new travel expenses). The deadlines presented do not include the equipment repair period or its extension for reasons beyond Pulsaris' control (for example: stock out, import of components, receipt of orders). The expected diagnostic deadlines can be extended for a maximum of six additional business days, with the customer notified of the occurrence of the unforeseen situation and the reason for the extension of the expected diagnostic deadline.

3 Delivery of equipment(s) is free when the address is the same as the collection of equipment(s); For delivery to another address, the route will be charged according to the price in force.

4 Guarantee: on all repairs a six-month warranty, valid on the repair carried out and on the components repaired and/or replaced. The warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence, accident and/or handling of internal electronic components.

5 Important notice: diagnostic operations imply the access to the electronic components of the equipment, meaning that the customer will immediately lose the warranty granted by the equipment manufacturer. We recommend that you first send the equipment to the manufacturer if it is still within the manufacturer's warranty period and/or warranty terms.