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Pulsaris has been an authorized partner of ESET® since 2012. The multinational company has more than 110 million users spread across 202 countries and territories. ESET® products and solutions are recognized in the IT market as some of the most advanced and technologically proactive security solutions in terms of corporate security.

Protection software for companies and organizations.

ESET® software applications are frequently internationally awarded, with its development structure having more than 30 years of experience in computer security and its development teams actively participating in numerous projects protection against threats and cybersecurity on a global scale.

For Pulsaris customers

Flexible and practical licensing

As an authorized partner, we have different licensing formats available for periods of one, two or three years.

Discounts via Web Hosting 360°

In each renewal cycle of your Internet Hosting, we give a total discount of 10% valid for new subscriptions or ESET Endpoint Security licensing renewals®.

* You can use this 10% discount every renewal cycle of your hosting subscriptions, whether quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

Cartão de Negócio® / Blipcard®

Customers of Blipcard® solutions have access to vouchers special offers that can be associated with a variable percentage discount on your license.

* Sujeito a termos de utilização da Pulsaris.

Segment: NGO / GOV / EDU

We have a dedicated sales channel for customers in this segment with discounts of up to 10% on the final value of your license.

Sectors covered by special licensing

  • State (Central Public Administration).
  • Local Public Administration.
  • Diplomatic Representations.
  • International Representations.
  • Armed Forces and Security Forces.
  • NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations).
  • IPSS (Social Solidarity Institutions).
  • Scientific Investigation.
  • Universities.
  • Schools & Colleges.

Reduced system requirements.

Innovation in protection also goes hand in hand with resource optimization. Usage requirements for ESET software versions are, as a rule, residual on the servers and workstations that are marketed by Pulsaris.

* Enough to neutralize threats and protect the integrity of computers and devices, while your employees and collaborators maintain a high level of productivity.

Multi-operating system protection.

The revolutionary ESET Unilicense licensing system® makes it possible to install your protection solution on Windows operating systems®, Mac® or Linux.

* The cross-platform option is present in all licenses and at no additional cost. It is the ideal solution for any type of company or organization.

Large-volume orders.

We have fast licensing solutions available for orders with a volume of up to 500 workstations. Get in touch with our sales channel for large organizations and companies.

To this end, please contact us via the following email address: .

Development teams with hundreds of professionals

High performance and efficient software applications are maintained by a development team with hundreds of professionals (from an international context) who analyze in detail and on a daily basis all threats arising from the Internet, software security flaws, vulnerabilities in operating systems, among others. All of these computer and cyber threats have impacts of different proportions, and this work ensures effective protection on small, medium and large scales.


Machine Learning (ML) and Detection by "DNA Signatures"

The protection core uses a proprietary "Machine Learning" (ML) system called "ESET Augur". This machine learning engine uses advanced algorithms to evaluate and detect new threats. The technology allows for effective integration with different software protection components and modules. One of these is detection by "DNA signatures" (a designation for analogy with the detection mechanism) which results from the evaluation and analysis of behavior patterns of malicious codes, even when they are modified or obfuscated by malicious agents.


UEFI Scanner and Cloud-Based Protection

ESET is the first manufacturer of security solutions with protection modules for the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) of computer equipment. This mechanism enhances the security of pre-boot systems that use the UEFI specification. Once the equipment is started, the protection mechanism is reinforced by the ESET LiveGrid® system. This is a protection technology based on distributed computing resources - commonly known as "the Cloud" or "the cloud" - that allows an automated level of detection with large-scale resources located on central ESET servers.


HIPS - Behavior Analysis and Auto-Block

"ESET Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) checks system activity and uses a predefined set of rules to recognize suspicious system behavior. activity is identified, the HIPS self-defense mechanism prevents the offending application or process from carrying out potentially dangerous activities."

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Local Cache and Reputation via ESET LiveGrid®

Files and URL addresses are analyzed in real time distributed across three distinct evaluation phases. The first phase is carried out by evaluating the local cache created by the ESET security solution. The second is through the use of the internal resources of the security solution with detailed verification of files and URL addresses. Finally, all this practically in real-time, the ESET LiveGrid® reputation system comes into operation with analysis through the distributed computing system through the Cloud.


"Sandboxing" and Advanced Memory Analysis

The "sandboxing" method allows the emulation of "different hardware and software components to run a suspect sample in an isolated virtualized environment". With this method it is possible to detect malware that is obfuscated to avoid antivirus detection. Combined with this method, ESET has developed an exclusive technology for advanced analysis of code and malicious processes that are encrypted or obfuscated in the memory sections of the respective operating systems.


Exploit Blocker and Ransomware Shield

"The exploit blocker checks applications that are commonly exploited (browsers, document readers, email clients, Flash, Java, among others) and, instead of looking for only by certain identifiers CVE focuses on exploitation techniques. When triggered, the process behavior is analyzed and, if considered suspicious, the threat can be immediately blocked on the machine."

"ESET Ransomware Shield is an additional layer that protects users against ransomware. This technology checks and evaluates all applications that run in terms of behavior and reputation. practice is designed to detect and block processes that resemble ransomware behavior."

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Firewall, Protection Against Network Attacks and Botnets

"Network attack protection is an extension of firewall technology and improves the detection of known vulnerabilities at the network level. It provides another important layer of protection against the spread of malware, network-driven attacks, and exploitation of vulnerabilities for which no fixes yet exist."

"ESET's Botnet Protection system detects malicious communications used by botnets and, at the same time, identifies problematic processes. Any malicious communications detected is blocked and reported to the user."

More at: https://www.eset .com/pt/about/technology/