Linux® Systems / Software

Station deployment working with Linux systems.

Open-source operating system.

The Linux® system is a quintessential example of the possibilities that open-source architecture and Internet collaboration tools provide between multidisciplinary development teams and their business users.

The operating system was introduced for the first time in the year 1991 at the hands of a young engineer named Linus Torvalds and since the beginning of this new period, the architecture of the operating system has constantly evolved. The Linux system follows in real-time all the innovations of the most different segments of Informatics and Information Technologies.

Servers and workstations with Linux Ubuntu®

The Ubuntu® operating system - in its different variations - is the only Linux® distribution with dedicated support from Pulsaris. Support is available in a standard format for customers with a total number of units of less than 20 workstations or in a corporate format for customers with a higher number of workstations.

* The Linux Mint® distribution was no longer supported by Pulsaris in April 2018. Support is only maintained on customer equipment and servers that have not been migrated to an Ubuntu® distribution.

Support Cycles - Ubuntu® Operating System

Canonical Ubuntu® Release date EOL - End of Support Ubuntu Pro® Support from Pulsaris*
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS archive April, 2024 date_range April, 2029 ballot April, 2034 security Active support
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS archive April, 2022 date_range April, 2027 ballot April, 2032 security Active support
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS archive April, 2020 date_range April, 2025 ballot April, 2030 security Active support
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS archive April, 2018 date_range April, 2023 ballot April, 2028 select_all Limited support
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS archive April, 2016 date_range April, 2021 ballot April, 2024 select_all Limited support
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS archive April, 2014 date_range April, 2019 ballot April, 2022 cancel Not supported
Information: accessibility The Ubuntu Pro® is an advanced security support provided by Canonical® (refer here).

Last update: 2024.04.27 - The information presented in the table is merely indicative and should not be used in decision-making or management.

* Availability: Pulsaris in-person support is only available to customers with facilities located in the Lisbon district; applicable terms of use.