IT Assistance in Lisbon

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Computer support

The face-to-face computer assistance services are available to companies, organizations and professionals whose facilities are located in the District of Lisbon. This assistance format is intended for customers who do not have an internal department dedicated to this technological area.

Professional assistance at the right price

Operations carried out by our technicians are charged individually according to the time actually spent at our customers' facilities. For this purpose, we use a time accounting system in fractions of 30 minutes that comes into effect soon after the first hour of presence at the place where the intervention is carried out. The philosophy of interconnection between services remains present in this modality, and our customers, who subscribe to Web Hosting plans in 360° format, enjoy an immediate discount of €10.00 / hour on the face-to-face hourly rate.*

* The offset value at its installations remain the same as the regular rate: local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km)

High quality standard for safe execution

Operations are performed to ensure effective resolution of the events that led to the provision of IT assistance. If the employees of your company or entity so request, we also willingly instruct the necessary steps so that the computer incident is not repeated on the equipment or so that it can be solved autonomously, if, of course, the operation is complex. reduced technique.

Free delivery of operation report

Our customers have access to a descriptive report of operation that is delivered within an average period of two business days from the completion of the operation. The operation report can be used in the future and freely shared by the customer with other competing technology providers or with their technology departments. The exchange of information between the different operators allows us to ensure our primary objective, which is to ensure the effective security of our customers' equipment and IT park.

IT Support in Portugal

In-person IT assistance available only to customers with facilities located in the city and district of Lisbon.

* Remote and lab access available to other districts.

Resolution in short time

All our interventions have the clear objective of efficiently and in a short time. We do not carry out "gray operations" that could increase our customers' doubts, and at any time you can ask a technician and ask him or her about the procedure that is in progress.

Moreover, if you have any questions you can always get in touch contact our customer provider later or address a complaint via email to any of our contacts, preferably via*

* Always safeguard all contact and information received in your email account and/or email box, for future proof and to speed up our procedures.

Long-running interventions

It is considered that the intervention time is not critical, you can save a considerable amount on the final value of your operation with our Laboratory Assistance services. In this alternative modality, technical interventions are not counted according to the minutes spent in person at the customer's location, but only according to the working days on which the equipment(s) are stored at our facilities.

* Handling data volumes exceeding 250GB may increase the number of business days provided for returning equipment, as indicated on the page dedicated to this type of assistance.

Most common operations

Operating system recovery

Checking and restoring the integrity of operating systems through a different process with several distinct steps.

System formatting and reinstallation

Restoring systems to their initial state and carrying out all update operations that are available at the time of intervention on your equipment.

Computer data management

Data archiving and handling of electronic storage media.

Protection against security breaches

Full installation and updating of operating systems to protect against internal and external security breaches.

Component configuration

Configuration of peripherals and components with resolution of possible conflicts between drivers (interfaces) and equipment.

Virus, malware and spyware removal

Code and malicious software removal using professional features, including cutting-edge ESET® technology.

Unsupported operating system?

If your operating systems are no longer officially supported, you can update them or purchase new equipment using our deployment services.

To this end, please contact us via the following email address:

Accumulate points with our interventions

IT interventions also entitle you to points so that you can apply them to other services and products provided by Pulsaris. Our customers will be able to use them later according to the tables and offers available at the time for our points system. Our points have no validity or accumulation limit.


Installation of proprietary software and systems

The operations of reinstallation or installation of software and proprietary systems are carried out only by providing duly licensed physical and/or digital support. The intervened equipment must have a license in accordance with the legal provisions required by the manufacturer and the Portuguese authorities.

Simplified integration of Microsoft solutions®

The use of cutting-edge software is one of the guarantors of success for any economic activity and a differentiating factor in its productivity rates. With us you can easily integrate the latest Microsoft® solutions that are available through our software acquisition and integration services.

Equipment protection with ESET Unilicense®

ESET's innovative licensing system® allows the installation of protection software on different operating systems with a Windows core®, MacOS® or Linux®. The multiplatform licensing format is the ideal option for any IT park as it allows the protection of your investment in software and allows you to reduce the number of interventions resulting in security incidents.


Workstation optimization

Operating system optimization operations with removal of accessory software and reconfiguration of settings. Optimization allows you to reduce the number of processing cycles required to perform daily productivity tasks. Reducing these cycles allows us to achieve a higher level of efficiency and energy consumption.


Computer systems monitoring

Pulsaris sells several solutions that allow remote monitoring of workstations. Individual monitoring of equipment allows you to verify in real time the correct functioning of equipment and results in more effective prevention of events that precede a computer incident.


Configuration and management of computer networks

We offer a computer sales and consultancy service for the acquisition of network equipment that allows you to optimize the investment in the infrastructure of your company or organization. We also carry out the definition of network systems from scratch together with the integration of electrical protection systems for your equipment.

In-Person Computer Assistance

Accounting method for in-person assistance.

First hour

60 minutes

assignment Includes hygiene measures.

Second hour

90 minutes

120 minutes

assignment Includes hygiene measures.

Hours following

+30 minutes

+30 minutes

assignment Includes hygiene measures.

In-person IT assistance (Lisbon district)

In-person Assistance IT Assistance 1 Hourly fee 2 Travel to the site Awarded points
accessibility Standard tariff accessibility First hour (60 minutes) accessibility €39.90 / hour local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) 40 points
accessibility Following hours (fractions of 30 minutes) accessibility €19.95 / 30 min. local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) 20 points
accessibility Clients 360° accessibility First hour (60 minutes) accessibility €29.90 / hour local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) 30 points
accessibility Following hours (fractions of 30 minutes) accessibility €14.95 / 30 min. local_shipping €1.90€ + (€0.75 / Km) 15 points
Important: assignment The time for carrying out tasks and computer operations can be increased by applying hygiene measures.

Last update of prices: 2023.07.29 - The legal VAT rate in force is added to the values presented in the table.

1 Availability: service available only to customers with facilities located in the Lisbon district; applicable terms of use.

2 Tariff: individual value for each technician present at the intervention and/or assistance site.