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Our privacy policy

Privacy on our website

The Pulsaris website does not use or store cookies on your device. You can verify the absence of cookies by consulting the settings of your Internet browser (browser).

The server where our website is hosted may collect technical information about the equipment, the IP address and the Internet browser that users are using when browsing our website. However, this information is limited in nature, being directly associated with the way the World Wide Web works and identifies two points that connect to each other.

In this specific case, it is your equipment and the server where the website is hosted. Note, however, that there are intermediate points of interconnection that may identify you through third parties (for example, by your service provider or by your company's IT services).

For this purpose, of protection between intermediate points, our website uses an HTTPS encrypted connection for all elements present on our website (images, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, among others). However, this mechanism is not intended to anonymize your browsing, but rather to protect the connection to our website so that elements directly associated with the website are not tampered with through the connection and requests made by your equipment (via the HTTP protocol).

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation.

Our website privacy policy is separate from the GDPR terms. To consult our information notes on "Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016" you should access our page located at:

Non-acceptance of the privacy policy.

We are available to clarify our customers and our visitors on any issue that may be in conflict with their interests and/or their rights. If you have any questions - or any other question - you can contact us via email at or

If you consider the information insufficient and/or disagree with the "non-use" mechanisms for cookies, you can easily suspend your browsing on our website by accessing the "Home Page" of your Internet browser.

Whatever your decision,
we offer our sincere wishes for a good navigation.