Protection of your data

About the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Important: This legal document was written originally in portuguese, which is the official version.

Last revision: Thursday, May 24, 2018

1. Access to data of individuals, companies or other legal entities

Customers of Pulsaris® and our Blipcard service® may have access, at any time, to the data belonging to them, enjoying all their rights, in accordance with what is defined by “Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016”, without prejudice, with regard to data deletion, to what is legislated and determined in Portugal by the “Cybercrime Law” (“Law n.º 109/2009, Diário da República 1.ª Series - N.º 179 -15 September”).

2. Who uses my data?

Our customers' data is used exclusively by Pulsaris® and is not shared, at any time, with any third party, supplier or commercial partner of Pulsaris®, with the following five exceptions:

  • With a supplier of an operating system or a standardized software application, there is always prior written notification sent to the customer, where express authorization is requested from our customer to send the data strictly necessary for the completion of the respective commercial operation of software sale or subscription (as of May 24th, all our software and operating system providers are "GDPR Compliant");
  • With a provider of a data domicile service belonging to third parties, there is always prior written notification from us sent to the client, requesting express authorization from our client to send the data strictly necessary to carry out the respective commercial subscription operation a data domicile service (as of May 24th, all of our data domicile service providers are "GDPR Compliant");
  • With the Tax Authority and/or Social Security, in accordance with the law;
  • With Portuguese legal and judicial authorities, officially recognized by the sovereign bodies of the Portuguese Republic and in accordance with the legislation in force in Portuguese territory;
  • With the European institutional authorities and respective community legislation, in accordance with the provisions of the European Treaties ratified by the sovereign bodies of the Portuguese Republic.

3. What is my data for?

Our customers' data is used solely and exclusively in the course of the normal functioning of our commercial activity. However, contact data that is used, upon indication and express authorization of our clients, in data domiciliation services with general access to the public via the Internet and other means of communication is excluded.

We currently provide the following data domicile services to our customers:

  • Web Hosting: hosting of Internet sites (websites) on Internet servers;
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): web hosting data storage for redundancy purposes;
  • SQL Storage: storage of databases in SQL format;
  • Internet domains: registration and management of Internet domains;
  • Professional email: electronic mail services;
  • Advertising services: management of advertising campaigns designated by our client;
  • Blipcard®: business card hosting service in electronic format with interactivity functions and advanced compatibility available at www.cartao. eu, and www.

4. How can I access my data?

Our customers may have access to their data, at any time, through a request sent in writing to the email address or .

After confirming the authenticity of your email message, you will be sent a notification that your data will be processed within 7 (seven) business days and delivered in a quick-read and standardized format. The file will be in Excel format (*.xlsx file) compatible with Microsoft Office® (paid software) or LibreOffice® (free software), the file being protected by password defect.

Alternatively, we may also send your data in *.PDF (Portable Document Format) format for easier or more practical reading, the file being protected by default by a password.

Given the presence of your data, you can later send us express instructions for its maintenance, deletion or rectification. Without prejudice to the provisions of Portuguese and Community legal standards set out in the first paragraph of point 1.

5. How are my data processed?

The data belonging to our customers are sectioned and parameterized according to the criteria established internally by us for the purposes of harmonization and legal compliance with the provisions of the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR).

Our customers may request, at any time, a document with a list of all sections and parameters, including those in which the customer does not have any registered or processed data. The listing can even be requested without the customer's data being individually identified or detailed (useful for our customers with multiple managers and collaborators).

If new parameters and/or sections are added, where the customer's data may be included, the customer will be notified in advance before the same data is included in that same section, always requiring the customer's prior authorization.

6. How is my data stored?

Our customers' IT data is permanently encrypted on all our access and local storage devices. Our mobile and fixed storage units are protected by encryption mechanisms with "Bitlocker®" technology for Microsoft Windows systems® and "FileVault®" for Apple Mac OS X® systems.

The operating systems of our workstations and mobile equipment also use encryption technology throughout their computer data storage structure. The Bitlocker® and Filevault® encryption systems are used for Windows® and Mac®, respectively. Windows Phone®, Android® and iOS® mobile devices use proprietary encryption systems provided by the respective device manufacturers and/or by the official development teams of the respective mobile operating systems.

Computer data stored in data hosting services is protected by proprietary data protection and two-factor authentication systems, varying according to the terms of the contract and specificities of the data hosting service subscribed by the customer together. from Pulsaris®.

7. How is my data protected?

Our customers' data that is stored locally is and is permanently protected by an advanced ESET® protection system. Our workstations, storage devices and mobile equipment are permanently protected by a solution with the commercial name of "ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced®". The solution we use is "GDPR Compliant", including in its many features a state-of-the-art software firewall and a proactive antivirus protection system updated in "real-time".

Computer data stored in data hosting services is protected by proprietary data protection systems from our suppliers, and data sent from our systems always undergoes an integrity and security check ensured by the "ESET" solution ®" stated in the previous paragraph.

8. How does the cookie privacy policy work?

Regarding the cookie privacy policy, you should consult the page created for this purpose at: This page only considers data that belongs solely and exclusively to our customers.

9. Contacts for questions related to GDPR:

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via the email addresses: and/or

10. Legal information:

"Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016", commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is available at official page of the European Union located at:

Customer Ombudsman from Pulsaris®

We are always available to clarify our customers and visitors on any issue that directly conflicts with their best interests or rights that are enshrined in Portuguese and/or Community legislation.

If you do not accept or disagree with any of our terms, you can easily contact us via the email address so that we can follow up with you for the resolution of your issue.